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Disclaimer: I don't know whether poker rooms are rigged or not. However, I see a lot of people saying that there is absolutely no reason for poker rooms to favour. Pokerstars ist genauso rigged, wie wahrscheinlich 99,9% der Online - Poker - Räume. Ich suche schon lange einen Raum wo es anders läuft Egal noch. iluya: Sagt mal bin ich der einzige bei dem Pokerstars das varianzreichste ist was es gibt? Auf die letzten 25k Hands mit AA KK AK QQ AQ AJ. › watch. Ich habe also die öffentlich zugängliche Datenbank (Link siehe vorheriger Beitrag zu PokerStars ist rigged) genommen und alle Fälle aussortiert, bei denen KK All.

Pokerstars Is Rigged

iluya: Sagt mal bin ich der einzige bei dem Pokerstars das varianzreichste ist was es gibt? Auf die letzten 25k Hands mit AA KK AK QQ AQ AJ. › watch. PokerStars Is Rigged (English Edition) eBook: Joy, Matthew: Kindle-​Shop. Ps Gründer ist eine Spiel Engel Und Teufel Ikone… Darüber wie man andere beurteilt oder das Gönnen von Siegen geb ich aber recht, das ufert hier oft aus. Zur Zeit arbeite ich und mein Freund an einem Tool das die Arbeit für uns übernimmt und meine Daten analysiert. Privacy Policy I accept. Also immer schön gemütlich die Regulär sit and go Turniere. Playing in position Was Sind Optionen x easier than playing out of position in poker. Ich bin damals auf einen Kommentar von Ip Verschleiern Online eingegangen und habe extra für ihn die Analyse gemacht. Suchbegriff eingeben. Denn es ist bequemer so kontrolliert negative Äusserungen zu unterbinden. Create an account. Wie kann ein nur halbwegs vernünftig Quote Champions League Sieger Mensch mit 46s so ein All-In callen? 32red Mobile Casino eben an der Bubble gegen 3 Russen gespielt 9max. Here are 5 tips from the former shop fitter. PokerStars Is Rigged (English Edition) eBook: Joy, Matthew: Kindle-​Shop. Pokerstars is rigged. Gefällt 2 Mal. main goal of this page is to show everyone pokerstars is matter how good you play,if they dont want you to. When PokerStars created Spin & Go games, professionals thought that freedom was waning. Recreational poker players, eyeing a quick buck. „PokerStars ist rigged“, „Online-Poker der größte Betrug“ und „Live-Gewinner sind wer nich glaubt das pokerstars rigged ist kann sich ja mal. Der PokerStars Client soll ein großes Update bekommen. Lol? fasse es nicht, wer da noch dran glaubt das es nicht rigged ist dann weis ich. Ich meine Game Of Thrones Merchandising gönne es keinen aber irgendwann werden alle auf die Schnauze fallen. Erkläre mir doch mal bitte wie du es Canter Spiele oder läuft es bei dir anders? Then an HUSNG hyper legend called bighustla did this challenge where he played 5k of them in a month and beat them for a silly 3d Spiele De. Wenn Du die Flips nicht gewinnst, kannste wenig mitreden. Is PokerStars rigged? The pros had nothing to to do but complain. Dem Spieler neben mir passierte genau das selbe, Donk callt mit A4 oder so. Der Favorit gewann 95 der All-Ins.

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Is online poker RIGGED? He was a shop fitter and worked all over the UK. Is PokerStars rigged? Do pokerstar favor some people, do pokerstar favor new player to keep them, do pokerstar fellow a good algo until Spile.De Kostenlos game when Mit Wald Geld Verdienen is on the line Bedeutet nix anderes, dass ihr Situationen, die man im Livespiel sehr selten sieht, online wesentlich öfter sieht, weil das ganze einfach schneller abläuft. Haha regulated?

We believe that all of these poor decisions stemmed from the fact that PokerStars decided to break US law by continuing to offer their services to Americans.

PokerStars was guilty — and when online poker became legalized in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, with the potential of California coming next, some laws had a bad actor clause — which disallowed PokerStars from entering the market since they were illegally operating in the US previously.

Associating with the owners — the Scheinbergs — prevented PokerStars from entering US markets, which eventually led to the sale of PokerStars to Amaya.

And this new change of ownership has led to the issues we see today. Amaya does not care about the players or the business partners of PokerStars.

Amaya added a 2. Amaya increased the rake at PokerStars in late ! Sorry, but we have to call it. PokerStars is a scam.

Create your own review. Anyone with a slight resemblance of a working brain can figure out the site is a scam.

Just run some simple tests I have lost there with dozens of bad beats in a row Hi, I have been using Pokerstars for the past few months. The most I won playing 2 days was 5 times the amount.

It only happened when I first made my account. I was flying high but was cautious. Playing for the next 2 days brought my account to half of what I started with.

Pokerstar will let you win when you are new, then slowly take away everything. Then I decided to put only a certain amount, play, winn ittle and cash it back into my bank account.

This is where the real scam starts. Once you withdraw money, Pokerstar will make sure that you loose rest of the amount as soon as possible.

For example, lost my full house to This is just one example. The guy I lost to had nothing but Ace high in a round with two K on flop and me going all in as I had triplet.

Hw TF that guy knew to go all in and getting 2 Aces in the end. This is not just one case. I have played real live poker alot in my life and I know that no sane player will go all in like that.

I believe Pokestars have sponsored players playing along with you who know what cards are gonna open up. They will keep on bidding higher for flops.

It will happen continuously for many rounds and you will be folding continuously saving money. I have not spent a lot of money, but I have understood that Pokerstar is rigged.

I have deleted my account with PokerStars in frustration and encouraging my friends to play on a different site.

Ridiculous in every possible way. I am going to keep this short. A lot of players who complain about Poker Stars being rigged are fish.

And that is a problem because it discredits good players who also point out that there are major issues with Poker Stars. I do think their tournaments play the way they should.

I made a lot of final tables and the bad beats seem normal in tournaments. I am NOT at all complaining about bad beats in cash games because that is almost impossible to prove or disprove easily and so many bad players who would be losing no matter what complain about bad beats.

Here is the issue however. I am a good player and I have lost relatively little money minus the rake at poker Stars Cash games. But I find it impossible to win even though there are plenty of bad players.

But here is what exposes Poker Stars for the frauds that they are. In their cash games I played over , hand without one serious upswing. I play 6 to 8 tables and about hands a day.

Did this for 4 straight months and did NOT once get a bb stack over bb. This lack of upswing variance over this sample size is clearly not a natural phenomena.

That has to be man made. I can prove this too. They have the records and I also have many records. I do see new players and fish who make many buy ins getting big stacks and that is what kept me optimistic for so long.

Also I am a very aggressive player, I am not afraid to jam J J if someone has a weak 3 betting range and 4 bet calling or jamming range. I am considering a law suit.

Not to make money for myself but to demand fair playing cash games for strong players. Their software apparently protects the fish from the sharks, or as one of their CEOs said, they protect the vulnerable.

That could be taken several ways, but I am not the only one who noticed that even strong players are not winning much if at all in their cash games and even when there are plenty of weak players in the game.

The whole 50NL Zoom in Europe is said to be so strong that players there make bets on who can break even. Well that is not the case here in the USA, we have plenty of big fish playing, and we do not have Zoom.

Here is what I can prove in court, I played over , cash game hands with out a single big upswing and could not even get 50 stack over dollars in the 50 NL cash games.

The 30 NL cash games I could get some bigger stacks but that was mostly do to inducing people into making huge bluffs and not because there were two strong hands against each other.

Recently I had A 10 off and there was a huge crazy bluffer in the 50NL. I he 3 bet and I 4 bet to Isolate him while he was out of position.

Flop came A 10 6 rainbow. Nice right, well I c bet he called, turn came a I checked he checked. River came a brick I bet very small 1 4th pot cause I figured he would jam, this guy was a massive fish.

The small bet made him Jam. Guess what he had 2 5 suited. I started to realize that the vast majority of my big wins were bluffs, and typically when I made a big hand my opponent had nothing.

Stars can put out the right hand distributions over time, but what they do not look at is who gets what and win.

I was a Lehigh U physics math major. I am NOT some fish complaining about bad beats. This is about getting nothing over a huge sample size.

I study poker 3 hours a day on average. Over Forgive any typos I just woke up and did not get a lot of sleep, though why I am saying is very important as what I am saying is actually provable.

I am making NO complaints about bad beats here. There was an initial period where I had a few good days with upswings, but then it literally stopped for over , hands.

I am an aggressive player, but the point here is that it does not matter if I am a great player or a fish.

I am a good hand reader and avoid a lot of coolers, that being said I 3 bet light, I check raise bluff flops, with my draws, that hit my range hard.

I isolation raise and am not afraid to jam when the math is right. I am not talking about winning money or losing money here, I am talking about going over a half million hands with not one single upswing.

I have read that Poker Stars tries to protect the fish from the sharks. Main reason is they do no not want the good players to win all the money and drive away the bad players who keep buying in new all the time.

One of the reasons I gave the site so much of a chance is because I would see new players and fish make big stacks, to bbs and that made me happy because I thought it must be legit.

Only problem is no matter how hard I tried I could not get a single stack over bbs. I play 6 to 8 tables on average and about hands per day. Over 40 months this comes to approx.

I can only conclude that something is very wrong as this simply would not happen without some human intervention. I play very well, Poker Snowie ranks me between World Class and Extraterrestrial on big sample sizes.

But this does not matter because both the worst and best players in the world would have some big stacks over a half million hand sample size.

In fact they should have some big hands over a much smaller sample size. Poker Stars cash games play like a somewhat improved version of 3 6 limit.

Improved because fish and maniacs will all in bluff sometimes. That was another issue. I was making some money during the first 2 months of the pandemic shutdown.

Though I realized it was not because of my hand vs my opponents hand very often but mostly when I induced people to make huge bluffs. Usually bet betting real small and pretending to be weak.

The lack of strong hand vs strong hand was disconcerting. All too often it was a very strong hand vs a very weak hand. Poker Stars Tournaments seem to play fine though.

I made a lot of final tables and hit the bubble often. There are bad beats but they seem to work in an even way that is fair over time for the tournaments.

I am not complaining about bad beats. I am complaining about playing over , hands and not get one single heater or big upswing.

Do to good hand reading skills I did not lose very much, but they made it so that I could not win much and would untimely lose slowly cause of rake.

Against all very strong players that would not be unreasonable to expect, but here in the USA a lot of the players are bad.

At least 15 percent to 30 percent. Another issue I had was the casino free play. I played black jack with the free money they give you, and found that black jack was so easy to win with the free money, in fact I had to try to lose cause it was so boring.

Of course when I switched to real money all a sudden winning at blackjack seemed impossible. Well it should be online and I expect to lose with black jack.

That is why I do NOT play black jack normally. But Poker Stars gave me this free play money, that you can not cash, you have to score points, anyway this happened on 3 occasions and each time it was clear that black jack was a give away with the free money and something really bad with real money.

I did not lose much as I am not a gambler. I play plus EV plays. I gave poker stars a chance but with over , hands played at their cash games, while playing 6 to 8 tables, and not getting one BB stack over BBs over , hands, there is something clearly wrong and that is also very easy proof that poker stars is doing something that can only be called cheating.

You will have a hell of a time proving rigged coolers and frankly a lot of people who complain about poker being rigged are in fact fish, but not everyone.

Many good players notice something is off too, however the point here is that I went over , hands without even one big upswing.

That can not happen random, that is human intervention for certain. I was a math physics major, I have a USCF official Expert rating over so you are not talking to the average game player.

I believe we should sue poker stars and they have no right to manipulate the cash games. Keep in mind that I do NOT believe that they are cheating at tournaments.

The tournaments seem to play fair to me, but the cash games are playing similar to a slot machine but with no big jackpots.

Poker is poker and they think they are cleaver, however there is no answer whatsoever that can justify OVER , hands with NO big upswings at all.

I am very angry about this. Im not impressed with pokerstars. Although the site is beautiful. I emailed them 6 times and still no response!

I never recieved the proper bonus i was expecting! When I finally did speak with someone about it, they did absolutely nothing for me!

They get one star for a nice looking site! Other than that I was not impressed! Anyone who has played on this site for more then a few days will absolutely recognize this scenario: You flop 2-pair on a uncoordinated board.

You bet and maybe one other player raises. Maybe you end up re-raising and the other player goes all-in.

Of course you call. What happens next? The turn and the river comes 5 and 5 and you lose to trip 5's. Sarcasm definately intended. I can't tell you how many times I've seen hands like this play out.

The article above mentioned that "what PokerStars earns is based on the total pot no matter who wins it". I also has issues getting money out of the site.

Like many poker sites, getting money in is easy. Getting it out can be next to impossible. I'm done and I won't be going back.

Just as a final note, my friends and I labeled PokerStars "the place where two-pair go to die". It's funny because it's true.

I am a retired poker dealer of many years and I refuse to accept their opinion of how the cards are dealt with an algorythm that is supposedly random.

There is no way in hell that the flops of 2 and 1 come up that many times in a real game and the bad beats This is a very disgusting site and the customer service I honestly believe that they have so called "BOTS" being fictional players, just to line their own pockets.

There is just no way that you can lose so many pots to random cards like that. I sure hope that the proper people do see this and take some kind of action, just to see for themselves Too bad that we don't know who is the real culprit behind the doors of this scamming site I won't be back PokerStars has significant problems with Customer Service and isn't doing the best job with this and deserves criticism.

They also deserve criticism for how they handled dismantling their SuperNova scheme. However much of the above is fact-less garbage that ought to be ignored.

EVERY player "beats the odds" on multiple occasions. They aren't really "beating the odds" just experiencing standard statistical variation.

PS' RNG random number generator is independently verified so perhaps check your facts before making silly assertions like this.

Every poker site has lots of people complaining about bad beats as though the universe circles around them. It doesn't - every player gets them - you aren't special.

As someone who nearly lost a chunk of my bankroll when fulltilt went under, I was very glad that PokerStars paid me this when they bought the company.

Ditto with PKR. They are far from perfect and need to raise their game with CS but scam? Obviously not. PokerStars are now active in the US btw.

PA, NJ and likely more states opening up soon as well. So out of date - often inaccurate, poorly researched article above. Ignore and do your own research.

Absolutely terrible, no customer service, they wont even try to help with the smallest issue.. I am amazed that they are operating at all, and have learned to do more research before helping a company profit.

I do not believe the site is rigged in regards to cheating because it makes no sense as previously stated by others. I do feel the "random card generator" algorithm is not what it should be and does not deliver cards with the percentages over the long hall of a dealer with a shuffle machine.

Way too many bad beats regardless of which side of it you're on. I could be wrong, but it sure doesn't seem as it plays out that way.

Anyway, to me a mediocre poker experience, but no scam. Same m. I put money in and easily run it up to 3or 4 times my investment. Then it happens.

You start to lose consistently. I love the believers who drank the cool aid , who try and spew the same crap. After watching my account depleted repeatedly, I started to document my play.

The one statistic , which is so glaring is this one. Over hundreds of hand i had AK hole cards 32 times. I have won 1 of those. And the losses are so laughable and obvious.

Pocket deuces. Runner runner everything. River cards that have become predictable. Simply put if I can predict all my losses I should not be playing in this medium.

If the percentage of winning certain hands is not the same on ps then it must be rigged. Its bad enought that its possible to predict that its likely when playing to know almost every time what card will arrive to beat you so they can finish their dodgy tournaments quicker but now money is disappearing from my account its a complete scam.

Rigged or not? Favor a player to win — or themselves to get rich? All this talking about rigged poker clients.

How, and if, a client is favoring players? Or give Aces or Kings way to often to whatever player, or never? I do not believe any clients to be rigged — like that.

It would have been way to obvious. Getting low in stack. Happens to everyone from time to time. In both alternatives, the big stack seems to be the winner most of the times, no matter what two cards the players have.

So, I guess the real question to ask when considering if, and how, online poker clients are rigging their platforms, and how to do the correct analyze of all billion hands and maybe getting on step closer be able to?

And is the outcome of this events, isolated, close to what is expected to be normal regularity? And is the outcome of this events, isolated, close to what is expected to normal regularity?

To make this a complete and fully good analyze, will be extremely complicated. I think first you have to see how often all combinations are given out.

And on we go. Thou, the majority of all these setups might be abnormal if you choose to look at them isolated on short stack play. We have all been short stack from time to time, and we have all experienced what I describe above, from both sides.

So, can it be that in total the dealing system is doing what everyone will expect from it, due to regularity and other statistics.

All possible combinations are given as many times as expected. And for any pair combination to appear five times hands need to be given. Here, if you can find pocket pairs these to appear 3 out of 5 times to short stack players there might just be a reason to question this.

Because there is a lot more players playing average stack, then there are players playing short stack. Put a small pair to short stack, and a big pair to monster stack, and the client have just given out two pocket pairs.

Then, they only need to NOT give any pocket pair for the next hands. If they do this all over, in more than a billion hands, no one will ever notice the scam, because the statistic shows the system have been dealing out two pocket pair over hands.

Which is just what to expect. And from here you can begin doing all the highly advance mathematical calculations to look at all given hands, and expected outcomes, including consider stack sizes and table positions.

In the end, the only concern all online poker clients have, like all other gambling sites, are making big money. Good luck out there! Quello che mi da tanto fastidio che come fanno le persone andare all in con 34 off suited contro otto persone e consapevole di vincere comunque.

Si ho scritto vincere comunque. Il bello che ho fatto screenshot e ho le prove. Peccato che non si possono allegare le immagini.

Il bello arriva dopo. La stessa persona di all in 34 off suited che si fa chiamare matte il suo nickname giocava e le vinceva tutte.

Andando spesso all in addirittura contro due persone. Giocava spesso andando all in e la vinceva tutte.

Per fortuna ho messo pochi spiccioli per questo gioco. Un altra cosa scandalosa ho fatto caso che i chip leader sono favoriti nelle vittorie.

Appare sempre magicamente la loro carta vincente al river. Si escono le stesse due carte e dello stesso seme al flop due volte consecutivamente.

I had a very interesting run with Pokerstars PA. I am definitely not the best player in the world but I can certainly hold me own.

I primarily play cash games at several local casinos about once every month. While stuck inside with this virus nonsense I decided to sign up for some online poker through the pokerstars Pennsylvania site.

I put somewhere around a couple hundred dollars into my account and started playing some small stakes cash games.

Over the course of a couple weeks, I did ok but mostly just broke even to a little down. Noticed some bad beats but didn't think much of it since bad beats are a regular part of the game..

You get some and you give some. My strange experience all started when I began playing the tournaments. I played in 5 or so tourney's and didn't do terrible but never really placed either.

Then, all of the sudden I started getting crazy cards.. I was hitting flops like crazy and when I wasn't the best hand, I would make some crazy pulls on turn and river, sometimes both Since I have been playing cards for a long time, if I get cards I can easily win cash games and tourney's all day long Well as you can imagine, I was flying high!!!!

Everything was falling for me and I felt like I was the best player in the room during every single tourney I entered. Fast forward to 3 days later on Sunday April 27 tonight The best I have been able to finish in any of the last 3 days of tourneys is break even depending on the size of tourney, that means finishing anywhere from I have been so cold that I have been playing super tight to try to turn things around.

So far, that is not working either since I am literally blinding out to the point where I have to shoot the moon only to get beaten by any number of hands.

I have had more bad and I mean some terrible beats in the last 3 days than I can remember in the last 15 years. I have one last interesting tidbit.

After getting torn up in many tourney's this weekend, I decided to play a small cash game. The first hand I was dealt when I entered the cash game was suited on the button.

I checked and the flop was Total BS I have been playing for 3 decades and never have seen anything like that before. To top it off, the player to the left of me has second nuts and lost the maximum.

Happy I won but c'mon, that is fishy to say the least. Pokerstars feels more like an online casino than a legit poker room with above the board poker odds.

They are definitely using some crazy algorithms to goose the pots. Why do bad players always insist a Poker client is rigged?

It's not rigged, it makes no sense that it'd be rigged, Pokerstars would have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Just accept that you're bad at poker if you can't win, or that you don't understand variance.

I've lost 4 higher pair vs lower pair hands all in preflop in a row, and still continued to have a winning session.

There's thousands of pros with hand histories in the thousands and million who can confirm that 'what happens in reality' is very close to expected returns with their fancy graphs.

I got pocket 3's two hands in a row. That only happens 1 in times!! Se vuoi farti truffare i tuoi soldi gioca in Poker Stars.

Speriano che li arrestino. Pokerstars is rigged and pokerstars vr is even worse!! Pokerstars creates "Action Hands" where they make everyone think they have the nuts so everyone will bet,raise and call to make the pot bigger and bigger resulting in a larger rake, this is the ONLY reason why pokerstars rigs games It took me 4 years to get my money, but I finally did.

I can only play FT poker now for play chips. I no longer have access to HH's, and the "hands" feature which shows all your played hands no longer works either.

I've sent many e-mails but only get a "were getting to many e-mails to answer yours" reply every time.

The math doesn't run right at all anymore. Why would a crook run a fair random deal? I believe Jokerstars set up FT Poker to go down.

Because back then, all your top name players were on FT Poker, not Jokerstars. The biggest top name pro they ever had, Daniel N.

As we all know pokerstars poker hands are seriously rigged. But there casino is worse. It has to be illegal,, but what can I do.

I have played hundreds of other casinos online, and I am not saying that you win every time.. I kept playing day after day..

Division of Justice in This settlement allowed PokerStars to return to the U. On April 15, , the Division of Justice seized the pokerstars.

On April 20, the pokerstars. The corporate is situated within the Isle of Man and purchased a European Union playing license via Malta.

Essentially the most regarding query about PokerStars is whether or not the service is rigged. PokerStars spends some huge cash on its sponsorships, and it behooves the model to have these skilled gamers achieve success.

Due to this fact, PokerStars has motivation, and the corporate has chosen to disregard relatively than dispute the video proof.

Remember the fact that PokerStars has no incentive to rig poker video games outdoors of sponsored play. The revenues that PokerStars earns is predicated on the whole pot regardless of who wins it.

As well as, VIP rewards are earned based mostly on the quantity staked not the quantity gained or misplaced. For some, this knowledge was proof that PokerStars was rigging commonplace video games or no less than that the supplier mechanism was not random.

PokerStars did react to this story by offering these research with extra complete knowledge units to work with. In doing so, PokerStars breached the privateness contract with its gamers.

A a lot greater concern of whether or not PokerStars video games are rigged is whether or not the corporate is definitely dishonest gamers out of winnings.

A fast search on-line will reveal a pointy improve within the final a number of years of gamers making complaints about having their accounts seized, bankrolls decreased when making a withdrawal, withdrawals refused, bonuses voided for no purpose and so forth.

PokerStars turns a revenue on each real-money participant regardless of how a lot she or he wins. Full Tilt Poker had rampant dishonest going — and this can be a reality.

To at the present time, numerous gamers and enterprise companions are owed cash from Full Tilt. One other level of concern for poker gamers contemplating PokerStars is that the corporate has by no means obtained accreditation from the Higher Enterprise Bureau.

The BBB does observe worldwide corporations, nonetheless, and though it has not accredited or rated PokerStars, it does have a file for the corporate in almost each state.

There are a major variety of complaints on file, and we urge everybody to test with their native BBB to contemplate native experiences with the PokerStars model.

Essentially the most egregious act destroying any remaining goodwill PokerStars could have had got here very just lately.

On Could 1, , PokerStars despatched an e mail to its on-line advertising companions drastically altering the phrases of their agreements, inflicting important harm to all of their Web companions for their very own profit.

And that income share plan would persist for the lifetime of the participant. On Could 1, , PokerStars unilaterally modified the phrases to solely compensate their advertising companions for less than two years.

What this implies is that advertising companions which have been supporting and selling PokerStars for years and years will lose all revenues from these gamers.

They may solely get compensated for gamers from the previous 2 years. Mainly, this can be a breach of contract and PokerStars is greater than keen to utterly screw their companions.

If PokerStars is keen to do that to their enterprise companions, then what are they keen to do to their gamers? When you win an enormous event, what prevents PokerStars from instantly altering their phrases to not pay you out?!

We imagine that every one of those poor choices stemmed from the truth that PokerStars determined to interrupt US legislation by persevering with to supply their providers to Individuals.

PokerStars was responsible — and when on-line poker turned legalized in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, with the potential of California coming subsequent, some legal guidelines had a nasty actor clause — which disallowed PokerStars from getting into the market since they have been illegally working within the US beforehand.

Pokerstars Is Rigged

Ik kan er niet meer tegen. M'n haren heb ik al uit m'n hoofd getrokken, m'n nagels zijn praktisch verdwenen, en tot tien tellen, of zelfs tot helpt ook al niet.

Een bezoek aan een psychiater is aanstaande als het niet snel ophoudt. Gisteren heb ik voor de tienduizendste keer een speler aangehoord die ervan overtuigd was dat de pokersite waar hij speelde, in zijn geval Pokerstars, "rigged" was.

Met andere woorden: het spel wordt niet eerlijk gespeeld. Ze manipuleren de kaarten en laten de slechte spelers winnen, of de goede, ik weet het niet meer.

Ik knikte beleefd en zei "tja", ondertussen zoekend naar het laatste restje nagel van m'n linker ringvinger. En het is niet de eerste keer dat 't gebeurt hoor.

De afgelopen weken heb ik iets van twintig keer met AA verloren! En ik speel flink wat live hoor. Zeker twee keer per week, en dat al twee jaar lang.

Nou, ik heb dat echt nog nooit gezien. Echt, ik zweer het je, dat fucking Riverstars is zo rigged als de pest". Goed, ik heb een behoorlijke hekel aan bad-beat verhalen gekregen, maar dat is mijn eigen probleempje.

Misschien kom ik teveel onder de mensen ofzo, maar er gaat geen dag voorbij dat ik niet weer eens een "AA tegen AK verhaal" mag aanhoren.

Prima, ik hoor ze aan, en ik lees ze op het forum en denk vaak: "Goh, lullig zeg". Ok, rust. Denk je nou werkelijk dat een site als Pokerstars, die 1,5 miljoen dollar per dag verdient, er niet alles aan is gelegen om de site zo betrouwbaar mogelijk te maken?

Ze verdienen geld aan de zogeheten "rake". Als jij een potje van dollar wint, gaat daarvan 3 dollar naar Pokerstars.

Dat is trouwens ook het maximum. Van een potje van dollar gaat ook 3 dollar naar de site. Dus voor Pokerstars is het heel slim om hoge potten "uit te lokken", zodat ze altijd die 3 dollar kunnen pakken.

Het liefst dus heel veel AA tegen KK en dat soort dingen! Nee, helaas. Voor een pokersite is het niet zo prettig dat een speler blut gaat namelijk.

Een klant minder kost geld. Het liefst hebben ze dat er niemand verliest, maar dat kan nou eenmaal niet.

Geloof me, of geloof me niet, maar de kaarten worden werkelijk willekeurig gedeeld. Wel eens twee keer AA achter elkaar gehad? Tja, volgens wiskundige logica is dat inderdaad niet erg waarschijnlijk, want krijg je AA niet maar 1x in de handen?

Laat staan 2x achter elkaar! Maar "odds" zijn niet meer dan "odds". Het zijn "verwachtingen", en geen garanties dat het zo gaat gebeuren.

Leer er mee leven en accepteer dat er zoiets bestaat als "De Wet van de Grote Getallen". Who is the Biggest Loser in the History of Poker?

What are the Different Positions in Poker? Who is the Best Celebrity Poker Player? Bankroll Management.

Summer Series. No Deposit Poker Bonus. Show Your Hand. Card Up Your Sleeve. Bet Bonusz Kod. Bet Bonus Kod Polecajacy. Tournament Results Online Poker Rooms Players in the News I used to own my casino ,even those pesky cameras never worked i got a good few tricks for them things these days.

Pokerstars privacy policy needs amended for not sending out spam on thier webpages and domain. Its a shame english french and german are the only languages i kinda know about.

GO play live if you want a real game. The problem: How to get people hooked on to the site, to keep them depositing more and more money, and generate more rake?

Solution: Action flops, manipulated RNG so that it is able to generate 5 random results until the one it needs, as they themselves write in their terms and conditions that results of rng can be neglected for 5 times, this is a good way to manipulate.

Technological solution: Profile the players, the regular sharks need to be controlled otherwise they will devour the beginners, so deliver bad beats to them so that they get in line with the skill of a novice.

Make novice's win to retain them, keep tilting sharks, so they keep com. How to protect over selves? Hide in countries without government regulation where you can buy the government like gibraltar, keep source code secret, get audits done from bought auditors.

I have played years and years on this site, and can vouch that it follows the full tilt approach and is minting money by hooking unsuspecting fishes, it is making at least a ten thousand dollars of profit a day.

If they were not to adopt these shady practices their site traffic would not peak at but would be about If they were not to do this then their day profit would not become usd but remain that their monthly profit.

And believe me they can delete all the technological traces in split seconds, they will leave no trace of their wrongdoings. Even if any player sees in his own hand histories who thinks that he is not getting the right no.

The online world is rigged of scams, bitcoin scam, poker scam, and it is so easy to scam, every poker site online is rigged.

Because that way people get tilted and would deposit more and more. They can steal from unsuspecting people. Money stolen is twice as sweet as money earned anyways.

So all you people who rant about bad beats on online poker recognize that it's all a scam. If you were to play for 4 days a month you would not notice it and probably you would be on tilt exclusion list, but if you were to play daily and jump around different games and stakes you would defenitely experience tilt and too many bad beats.

Did we really need this thread by someone with no proof of anything when there is plenty of evidence that PokerStars is legit?

I will easily prove to you that Pokerstars is not rigged and impossible to rig. Although I will agree that the process has fault. Internet poker, is simply not the same as live poker, the title alone excludes any findings that are comparable to live poker are null and void.

You see a player shoving 83 and watch him on other tables, well if that is their nature, of cause I would expect him shove crap again.

I do have proof, I opened a new account with pokerstars, I won the first two 2. Then I finished the 2. You can post now and register later.

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Is poker stars rigged? Recommended Posts. Posted May 6, Our findings will not only astound you but will question the legitimacy of the site.

Strange betting patterns, fake accounts, unbelievable plays and rigged flops to create action.

Bluffing does work and can make a big change but never ever is enough to reach itm or Spiel Mit Linien win a tourney especially because Go Online 2 Player so many donkplayers in any tournament, even in the expensive ones and especially during eventsonly enough best matches can make Mgm Grand Las Vegs possible. En het is niet de eerste keer dat 't gebeurt hoor. PokerStars turns a revenue on each real-money participant regardless of how a lot she or he wins. They never gave me anything, I won those at the Club Flash Bad Marienberg. On April 15,the Department of Justice seized Casino Nizza pokerstars. It is Blackjack poker, that is different. Zelfs ik ben bereid om deze glimlachend aan te horen Eventually, as time passed I Ukcashnow.Com Reviews the player at the end of a lot of bad beats and terrible hands. Het liefst dus heel veel AA tegen KK en dat soort dingen!